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Now is the time to start thinking kokanee. I love to fish for them but I only make it out once or twice a year. It's hard to pull myself away from the Spring Salmon, Shad, Summer Steelhead. You know what I mean. It's just a fishy time of year all over the place.

I met up with a couple friends to fish Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weather was really spotty so we fished A LOT less than we had hoped. On the water, OFF the water and back on. We had decided to make the best of it and we would fish when we could and just chill when we couldn't. Ended up being the best weekend I've had in a long time. Nothing beats time with good friends, lots of fish and a long weekend.

We got up to Odell Lake Resort on Thursday afternoon. We had hoped to fish the evening jumper/jig bite that night but the wind was howling so we set up camp and got everything ready for a daylight start the next day. Friday did not disappoint at all. We started by jigging and tossing to jumpers and quickly put 6 or 7 in the boat. As that settled down we started looking for fish and catching intermittently. We decided to troll at that point and finished in the afternoon with a total of 20 in the boat. Likely lost at least that many. Those buggers are hard to keep attached all the way to the boat.

We went to the dock, filleted and bagged the fish and headed to camp for a quick siesta. We got back on the water at 6 what we hoped would be a solid jumper bite and boated 12 more that evening. It was a fun day but not red hot. Consistent for the most part but definitely had some lulls in the action too.

Saturday started out breezy but calmed down. We fished the same program and ended up with 25 more. We should have quit at 11 a.m. because between 11 and 4 we might have only boated 3 or 4 fish. Lots of hits while trolling but we just couldn't get them to stay on or even stick at all.

Sunday started out really windy and wet so we skipped fishing. By the time we were headed out the weather had calmed and it looked very fishable but we didn't try it.

So here is what I used.

For jigging: Gary Knowlton's Custom Kokanee Jigs in 1/2 and 1 ounce. Both orange/white and purple/white did well. I think orange out performed everything else tho.
You can find Gary on Facebook. Great guy and local too.
Depth - fish were thick between 80 and 100' when we anchored in 105' but they didn't bite. We found most of our biters in the the 25 to 50 range.

For trolling: I avoid the expensive stuff here. The kokanee groups will tell you that you have to use the crazy expensive dodgers and lures. It's just not true. I used some old school chrome dodgers that I picked up at a garage sale and the cheapest wedding rings I could find. I also used some pro trolls I had in my box but I don't think they did any better than the wedding rings. Depth 5' to 25'

All that expensive stuff looks good and catches a lot of fishermen but I don't think it catches any more fish.

I like to can my kokanee but there are many ways to prepare it. Once canned it makes a delicious dip when mixed with cream cheese. I'm going to experiment a little more with this batch. Tonight will be Pasta ala kokanee carbonara at Bistro jamisonace.

Odell is a great experience. I see a lot of people out there scratching their heads but if you have a little info going in, you'll definitely catch fish. I'm happy to help if anyone wants some pointers. Just hit me up.



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Odell Lake Resort and Shelter Cove are open. State campgrounds are not but the ramps are opening this week.

Size was bigger than last year. 12" average probably
I didn't measure but much bigger than last year for sure.


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Great report! It is pretty impressive that you consider 32 fish not red hot!
on a good day we would have had our limit at 90.....by 10 a.m.

You should see the schools of fish on the sonar. Thousands of fish swim under the boat and on a good day they are all biters. We had a hard time getting them to strike. I don't know what the difference is but every day is a little different in terms of bite.
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