New to steelhead fishing


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Hey everyone, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Josh and I am new to Steelhead fishing. I have been fishing off and on for a long time (rainbow trout) but I got a bug up my ass to go get a Steelhead. I don't know why but know I'm doing it. I just bought a rod and reel and some spinners to try my hand at this on Saturday. I am thinking about hitting the Trask river (bank fishing) early morning. Can anyone point me in the right direction, tips or tricks, or even a known spot on the Trask I should try out. I doubt I will land anything but the more info that can be shard the better.

Thanks in advance.


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Bi mart has good selection and a fair price. I buy my braid on e bay .My favorite for steelhead[winter and summer] is buds#3 brass. Good luck! Cant catch em on the couch!


Remember that it's only open for adipose fin-clipped hatchery fish. And get your spinners down deep, to get into their strike zone. Jed Davis always said that if you're not losing some spinners, on each outing. Then you're not fishing in the strike zone.