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Last report on Hagg Lake for Crappie/Bluegill I saw was a number of years ago. Has fishing for panfish been steady or are they dropping? My local ponds and lakes have pretty much died out so I need new water. I intend to use artificials vertically but that may change according to the situation.

I saw on a Henry Hagg Lake Fishing map that on the East side of the lake there is one cove that is loaded with panfish.

Hagg Lake Bass and Panfish Fishing Tips - This website states that spider block structures are sunken around the lake.. could that be the marks on the Hagg Lake Fishing Map?

I just need to find a place for some panfish action around Beaverton and i've had success at Hagg Lake in the past from the bank so I figure it can be done again. If not Hagg lake, i'll go to the Tualatin River. Need to get my brother on the water and away from video games..
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I think some are in the arm that you mention, but I think they are also between the Tanner and Scroggins Creek arms. If you Google "Hagg Lake Spider Blocks", photos come up of them being placed and some that are in place at low water levels. You may be able to use the photos to better locate the blocks when you are at the lake.


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They are all over the place in Hagg, mostly in the no-wake areas. The best advice (which does not help you now) is to go in the late fall when the lake is down a good 30' and see where they are. Any spider blocks that you would want to fish for panfish this time of year are exposed at that time and you can see where they are in the areas that you fish.

The Oregon bass and panfish club might have a map of them but I am not a member and don't know for sure.
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