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  • Hey buddy, I saw your anchors. I have 2 friends, who can probably use them. What city do live in, or near? I'm in Corvallis. And my friends are in Salem, and Newberg, respectively.
    Independence, I can run them down there on Thursday or Friday or any other time really.
    I am going on a trip soon and will be back on the 19th. If you still have those reels then, let me know and I'll come and take a look.
    Unfortunately didn't get a chance. We were there for only 4 days, and really could not bring myself to ditch the family for fishing. My daughter is only four and a half, and not ready to join me in a boat yet. Fortunately for me, she seems to be growing just in the right direction. These rains have created a small stream behind our flat, and she wanted to go there to catch some fish :)

    failed to mention troutdude will be there and possibly drew9870. i will let you know whoever else is attending when i find out
    C_Run; Thank you for the info. I lost track of the thread and felt really bad. That sounds like a great experience and I would love to give it a try. Maybe late spring would be a better choice? I really am determined to check kayaking off my bucket list. Thanks again.
    Saturday's not looking good for a pm surf. high's @ 9:08 am so fishing is probably 7 to 11,,I'll probably hit it if I can get my butt up early enough. I'll let you know how things go or maybe post...
    thanks for the get back,I just got back from Idaho today so I'll be hitten the salt hard this week. take care,
    hey,Chris thanks for the offer but I've read myself blue in the face on this.now Im throwing rigs and hoping for the best.if you get this way we could HOOK-up.I think the perch will get real good real soon,anyway about 300 yds north of the lot you can drive it but Im not sure if its open to 4x4 this time of the year.
    THANK YOU. I will make my goal, no matter what it takes, somehow, i'll get there. I'm sorry to hear about your mom and your wife's friend, it's not something that's easy to handle. Every little bit helps though, and hopefully fewer women will have to go through it in coming years.
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